Art in Science - Invitation for entries

ELI ALPS is organizing a contest titled “Art in Science” to encourage the production of artworks based on images reflecting the research results achieved in the institute – by combining science and art – using colouring and graphic design.
Art in Science - Invitation for entries

Entries must the based on pictures downloadable here. Contestants must retain the lines and shapes of the original pictures in the artworks that they can produce with any technique. (Slight alterations are permitted.) Entries can be submitted either in paper or digital format.

Requirements for contestants:

  • Minimum 14 years of age
  • Maximum two entries per contestant

Format requirements:

  • Entries must be square shaped
  • Maximum size: 100x100 cm

Further format requirements for artworks produced with digital technology:

  • CMYK, 300 dpi, maximum 15 MB file(s)
  • 5 mm bleed and crop marks


Deadline for the submission of entries: 8 May 2022

Digital entries must be sent to the e-mail address, while paper based works can be left at the reception desk of the Research Institute, or sent by post to the following address: ELI ALPS Laser Research Institute, 6728 Szeged, Wolfgang Sandner u. 3. Please write “Art in Science Competition” on the envelope.


Announcement of the winners: at the event organized on the occasion of the Day of Light at 5 pm on 13 May 2022.

Venue: ELI ALPS Laser Research Institute, Szeged, Wolfgang Sandner u. 3.

Prizes: the creators of the three best artworks selected by the jury of ELI ALPS will receive gift boxes on the site. The top ten contestants can participate in a VIP tour in the institute (at a pre-agreed time and date.)